Cool In The Pool With Water Fitness This Summer

Stay cool this summer by taking a water fitness class, or try my pool workout to stay in shape.


Val Salinas

5/29/20232 min read

girl wearing swimsuit and swims in swimming pool
girl wearing swimsuit and swims in swimming pool

I am so excited that my water classes are off to a fabulous start this summer. I enjoy teaching water aerobic classes because it's enjoyable and energizing, and water keeps you cool in the summer heat.

Water fitness is a safe form of cross-training because it is low-impact and non-jarring on the joints exercise. Stay cool this summer in the pool with this great form of cross-training exercise water fitness.

Benefits Of Water

Incorporating water fitness as a cross-training exercise this summer can provide many advantages for you. According to the American Council of Exercise [ACE], a person's weight is reduced by 90% through the buoyancy of water. That means stress on weight-bearing joints, bones, and muscles is lessened. People participating in water aerobics long-term can lower injuries and muscle soreness.

You can build muscular strength and endurance, increase your cardiovascular endurance, and increase flexibility in the water. Therefore, reaping all the benefits of land workouts without all the jarring and impact on the body.

Different Styles Of Water Classes

There are a variety of water classes you can enjoy during the summer: Zumba, Pilates, Fusion, or Circuit. Depending on the style of water class I am teaching, l could use water noodles or made-for-water dumbbells. These water gadgets and the resistance of water provide a more intense workout and muscle building. If participants oppose these devices, they can cup their hands and use the push-and-pull water method.

One of my favorite things about water fitness is the ability to work on flexibility with my students. The lessening of gravity in the water increases your joint range of motion. As a result, you can perform stretches that would be impossible or difficult to do on land.

There are so many styles of classes that can get your heart rate up, increase muscular strength and endurance, and improve flexibility. Examples include the following: HIIT, Intervals, Plyometrics, Tabata, Zumba, or a combination of these styles.

Water exercise is an excellent form of cross-training activity. Stay cool this summer in the pool by taking a water fitness class to stay in shape and have fun. Or try my water workout.

Just keep moving!

Be smart! If you are starting a new workout or changing your fitness program, always consult your physician or certified fitness professional.

Get wet and try this water workout you can do anywhere, and no weights are needed.

Warm-up 5 minutes > Prepare your muscles, joints, ligaments, and other body organs for activity. [e.g., march in place, cross-country ski, alternating knee lifts, jumping jacks]

Cool-down 5 minutes > Focus on flexibility [e.g., hip flexors, lower back, hamstrings, and upper body]


1-cycle is 8 minutes

2-cycles is 16 minutes

Do each exercise for 60 seconds.

***No rest between each transition

***Rest for 2 minutes if doing 2nd cycle

  1. Cross-country ski

  2. Jumping jacks

  3. Push-ups against the wall

  4. Breaststroke [stationary – legs in stride position]

  5. Knee tucks

  6. Run in place

  7. Freestyle stroke [stationary – legs in a stride position]

  8. Cross-country ski